Our Story

Founded on the mean streets of New York City, Morning Wood Skateboards' goal was simple. Develop a brand that feels like a family by the skaters for the skaters and supply the most dope skateboards possible. You might be asking, "Why Morning Wood though?" We got you homie. Aside from its "stiff" definition, we're much more than just a morning inconvenience. We're the complete opposite. As skaters, we eat, think, and breathe skateboarding. We wake up with the urge to skate, craving freedom and the ability to free our minds from all other possible thoughts. This handcrafted piece of wood is capable of taking us to places that no other possible form of existence can take us to, both metaphorically and physically. Skating is our life and this is what Morning Wood Skateboards is all about. Well that, and the badass American made shit we produce. Roll with quality, ride Morning Wood.

We love and support all of our local artists. This is not only our brand, this is your brand too. We want to give our art community the voice that not everyone is lucky enough to obtain. Join us and we'll design our products together as a family.